Fears in the evolutionary development of the adolescent

How to educate teenagers to overcome the most common fears

How to educate teenagers to overcome the most common fears
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Fears in the evolutionary development

Fears are a normal and necessary feeling in the evolutionary development. Its function is to provide security, as it warns us of the presence of a danger and allows us to evaluate the capacity one has to face threats and be able to protect against possible risks.

Fears are a universal emotion present in all cultures that appears since six months and that is evolving. That is, as the child goes through the different stages of development, the fears gradually change or disappear as the child experiences security in himself and in the environment. They also manifest in the adolescent stage. We will see what are the most common fears in adolescence.

Where do teenage fears come from?

Adolescence is considered a transition process from the infant stage to the adult stage. In this way, it can be said that the fears that one has in adolescence can come from several fronts:

-. Those who crawl from the previous stage (preadolescent). For the young teenager, everything related to not being accepted by others (which gains strength in this period) and fear of school failure continue to matter.

-. The fears of adult. In the ages that comprise adolescence, young people begin to experiment with new fears that can be labeled as adult fears. These are, for example: love, the future that will come, being alone, new responsibilities etc.

Adolescence, therefore, is not considered an easy stage. It is a period of great physical and psychological changes that do not allow to reach the emotional balance necessary to face all these fears.

In this way, the lack of emotional stability in the adolescent is what differentiates him from an adult when facing fears.

What are the most common fears in adolescence

There are many types of fear that can affect the adolescent to a greater or lesser extent. These are the most common:
1. Fear of not being accepted: Adolescence is characterized as a stage in which the young person seeks answers that help him to know himself. That is, he is in search of an identity that differentiates him from his parents and helps him relate to his peers.

The young person experiences an excessive preoccupation to be included in that type of groups formed by individuals of his age. However, if you do not succeed, this will cause fear and fear. Something very common in this period

2. Fear of love: Adolescence is the stage in which love usually appears. A mixture of emotions difficult to define and more when in this period young people experience great emotional imbalances. If we add to this the continuous search for identity, insecurity and inexperience characteristic of this stage, we find that young people are very vulnerable to this complex emotion and, therefore, we are facing one of the most common fears of this period of development. .

3. Fear of the future: The goal that adolescents seek is integration into society. As he gets it, he realizes that he has to “fulfill” some expectations that the adults of his environment have placed in him to reach some goals in the future. The insecurities that characterize this stage make the young man wonder if he can get it. Therefore, the fear of what will come in the future and if it will be able to face it, fulfilling the expectations, infuses fear.

How to help a teenager overcome fear

We give these tips to help your teen overcome their fears:

– Listen to what he has to say. It is essential to allow young people to express their feelings and emotions without fear so that they feel the support of the adults in their environment in the face of any fear and insecurity.

– Offer constant support. Adolescence is a stage in which young people lack the necessary skills to face situations that cause fear and anxiety. Therefore, it will be necessary for adults to accompany them to be their support

– Dialog In this stage that concerns us, young people find it difficult to talk about their feelings and emotions, so it will be necessary to create a positive climate to deal with fears that naturally suffer.


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